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Re: specifying the srpm name to be created?

On Tue, Jan 28, 2003 at 07:53:15PM -0500, Matthew Miller said:

> Do you have a really really really good reason to do this? Standardized RPM
> names are a good thing.

Ok; let me just preface this with I don't want to get off topic; why is
not all that important; I'm much more interested in if its doable.

BUT.. the reason I ask is.. in a certain Spec file I determine which
compiler and compiler version to use at rpm buildtime and change %{name}
accordingly.  And before you ask; I mangle the name so multiple versions
of the same package (compiled with different compilers) can coexist on the
same system.

So.. I'd like the resulting SRPM filename to NOT reflect
which compiler was used to build the binary packages.

i.e. binary rpm filename:    foo-gcc2.96-version.i386.rpm

I want an srpm filename of:  foo-version.src.rpm
NOT: foo-gcc2.96-version.src.rpm


Mike Snitzer                           msnitzer@lnxi.com
Linux Networx                          http://www.lnxi.com 

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