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RE: how to include /usr/local/lib in rpm path?

On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 10:35, Katsumi Matsumoto wrote:
> Thanks for the hint, Malcolm.
> So, how do I find out "the various rpms that include these
> Libraries"?

www.rpmfind.net allows you to search for packages containing a file. Try
search for libImlib.so and libFnlib.so.

>   Also, is there a way to circumvent the "old condition"?

No, it is fundamental to the way RPM works. You can try to install
"fake" packages to satisfy the dependencies. Search through the archives
of this list to see various peoples' attempts at doing this (usually
Solaris people trying to graft rpm onto an existing Solaris
installation). It's a pretty painful process, though; especially when
compared to just building an rpm in the first place (so many tarballs
come with reasonable spec files these days, including the imlib and
fnlib ones).

If you have a *.spec file in the tarball, then "rpmbuild -tb <tarball
name>" is often your friend. :-)


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