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RE: how to include /usr/local/lib in rpm path? solved

Thanks again, Malcolm!
"rpmbuild -tb" worked quite well.

> > So, how do I find out "the various rpms that include these
> > Libraries"?
> www.rpmfind.net allows you to search for packages containing a file.
> search for libImlib.so and libFnlib.so.
> >   Also, is there a way to circumvent the "old condition"?
> No, it is fundamental to the way RPM works. You can try to install
> "fake" packages to satisfy the dependencies. Search through the
> of this list to see various peoples' attempts at doing this (usually
> Solaris people trying to graft rpm onto an existing Solaris
> installation). It's a pretty painful process, though; especially when
> compared to just building an rpm in the first place (so many tarballs
> come with reasonable spec files these days, including the imlib and
> fnlib ones).
> If you have a *.spec file in the tarball, then "rpmbuild -tb <tarball
> name>" is often your friend. :-)
> Malcolm

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