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(semi-OT?) i486 glibc with NPTL support

This might be somewhat off topic, but RPM and NPTL issues seem to go
hand-in-hand these days...

I have some experimental (at this point) glibc packages here:

If these packages work, you should be able to take an i586 box running
Red Hat 9, install the i486 glibc package (and matching i386
glibc-common, etc.), and have NPTL support.

NPTL with i486 glibc and i586 kernel seems to work on an i686 box here.
I don't have an i586 box handy to test this on right now. I would
greatly appreciate feedback from anyone who can try these packages on
a real i586 though. Before you try these packages, make sure you're OK
with the risk of glibc being broken. Also, downgrading glibc from i486
to i386 will probably break for the same reason that i686->i386 broke
for tons of people with Red Hat's errata packages -- IOW, Don't Do That.

(Try running the command "getconf GNU_LIBPTHREAD_VERSION" after
installing these packages and (optionally?) rebooting. If it says
"linuxthreads" then it's not using NPTL. If it says "NPTL" then that's
not an ironclad guarantee that things are OK, but it means we're at
least starting to get somewhere...)

In a few days I'll try to have i586 glibc packages, but for now I think
i486 should be sufficient to get NPTL on i586 boxes.

-Barry K. Nathan <barryn@pobox.com>

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