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Re: parallel package installs...

James Olin Oden wrote:

Hi All,

Its been mentioned a few times that at some point RPM could do
parallel installs of packages. While from a %files perspective
this could be done safely, if one is using RPM's to deliver administrative functionality (i.e. the rpm's have scriplets that
alter config files), then this is not the case. Imagine two or more rpms running in parallel all trying to edit the same file.
Not a pretty site. The scriplets could be made safe by the builder
if they builder of the package added advisory locking to the files,
but I would rather not go there. Anyway, I am not totally opposed
to parallel installs, I just wanted to note that if such a feature
happens it should definately be configurable such that one can turn off the functionality if they needed to do so (I of course
would be turning it off (-;).

All that rpm knows about scriptlets is their exit code. And, as you know, it's up
to the packager (and QA) to guarantee that the return code is accurate, syntax erors
and other problems should be detected during QA, not during install.

It's entirely up to the packager to handle any and all side effects of running a scriptlet.

73 de Jeff

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