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Re: parallel package installs...

On Sun, 8 Jun 2003, Matthew Miller wrote:

> On Sun, Jun 08, 2003 at 10:26:04PM -0400, James Olin Oden wrote:
> > Not a pretty site.  The scriplets could be made safe by the builder
> > if they builder of the package added advisory locking to the files,
> > but I would rather not go there.  Anyway, I am not totally opposed
> They should do that anyway -- what if a human or some other program is
> editing the file at that time?
In that universe, the lock would have to be mandetory such that
user edits could not occur.  Even if a clean way of doing mandetory
locks on arbitrary files was devised, the other problem is that 
most scriptlets are bash scripts, and once you ran some command
that would lock the file, the lock would be gone when it returned.
So what do you do?  Patch sed, and awk to do locking?  Or do you
switch all your scripts to perl or python.  

Actually, the way we handle this where I work is to simply have one
run level where all applications are running, and another where
only the platform is running.  When we go to do an upgrade we change
run levels to the platform only run level.

Running parralel packages installs of course breaks this...james 

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