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Re: current rpmlib-4.1 documentation / examples

thanks - that does help a bit.  i'm sure you might understand my
confusion when confronted by situations like rpmInstall(...) def moved
to rpmcli.h and the doxy for that consists of the words "Detailed

rpm.c is well designed, so not too much of a big deal. i'll get it
figured out - thanks again.


On Tue, 2003-06-17 at 18:09, Chris Chabot wrote:
> My personal experiance is that maxrpm is still good for understanding the
> RPM file & data structure's, (data type, meaning, where it's stored, etc)and
> understanding these makes using the high-level api's a lot easier.
> However recent doc's on rpmlib are quite sparce at best.. doxygen is your
> best friend here.. The examples included in the rpm dist combined with these
> docs do make it understandable though.. the examples are nice and small so
> easy to digest
> (When looking at the api, keep in mind the data structures are basicly the
> signature & header's of the rpm [ file / db ] so the docs on those in maxrpm
> will help a lot. Also playing around with rpm -q --queryformat "..."
> (use --querytags to see what tags exist) help to give some insight in the
> structure)
> It's not much info i could give ya.. hope it's of some help though,
>     -- Chris
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