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Re: same RPM - two different platforms

Tim Mooney wrote:

In regard to: same RPM - two different platforms, Andrew Ross said (at...:

I am looking to create an RPM that will work on two different platforms.
For example, I want to delivery scripts to Solaris and Linux without
having to make two different RPMs.

It cannot be done with current RPM. You can make a package that is `noarch', meaning that it will install on any architecture for a particular OS (e.g. Linux on i386 and Linux on alpha), but rpm always encodes the OS into the RPMs it generates. This means that a package that is scripts (or html documents, or whatever) that is built for Linux will not install on Solaris without the use of `--force'.

Well, there is "noos" too, should work the same way as "noarch", but there's rpmrc compat chains for operating systems that would need to be set up, no one has ever cared solaris <-> linux.

Except you Tim ;-)

73 de Jeff

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