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installation of packages

%define name test1
%define version 1.0
%define release 2
%define prefix /home/mm

Summary: testing to see if it works
Name: %{name}


cd <specify path based on input from rpm -ivv --prefix - don?t know how to do this>
Mkdir %name%version%release

--------end of spec file -----

rpm -ivv --prefix /home/mm/ test4.spec

In the %pre section of the spec file , I wanted to create a directory based on the name,version and release of the package (I wanted this automated which is why im trying to see if it works if I specify a pre install script) but I wanted this created after the path specified in the --prefix command so it will look like this : /home/mm/test11.02/

1. This is where my problem is. I don?t know how or if its even possible. I could put /home/mm but I can't always predict where the package needs to be relocated hence the need to make this variable. Trying to see if i can accomplish by writing a script.

2. How can I also get RPM to install the files in this directory specified in the %pre ( /home/mm/test11.02 ) ?


ps the vpkg-provides2.sh - there was a lot of pain involved but it works now, thanks for the tip. The u_pkg.sh - theres a line in the script where i had to "$" thought you might want to know.

oh and im on 4.0.4, redhat 8.0

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