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Re: Problems with *.src.rpm

contact.me@hittozu.net writes:

> I have a quite "big" problem: I got some packages .src.rpm, I copy
> them into /usr/src/redhat/SRPM , then give rpm --rebuilddb
> packet_name.src.rpm, it works but the *.rpm isn't in
> /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386 what's the problem? I really don't manage
> it..

The correct command is rpm --rebuild  not rpm --rebuilddb !

> And the question is not finished :-((( I downloaded some *i386.rpm
>packages from freshrpms.net , try to install them with rpm -i
>packet_name.i386.rpm and the output error is: "not an rpm package (or
>package manifest)"...what's the reason?

Please read the man pages again.

It's a little confusing, but rpm -i is only used to position .src.rpm
files in the /usr/src/redhat/ tree for custom building.  If you just
want to install binary rpms, i.e. i386.rpm you should use, for
        rpm -Uvh sam-4.3-1.i386.rpm

So once you have rebuilt the .src.rpm that's the command you use to
install it.   By the way, if you can install a binary rpm without
conflicts, then you don't need to deal with the source rpm at all.


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