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Re: Problems with *.src.rpm

On Tuesday 11 March 2003 04:40 am, Michael Kuss wrote:

> > It's a little confusing, but rpm -i is only used to position .src.rpm
> > files in the /usr/src/redhat/ tree for custom building.  If you just
> > want to install binary rpms, i.e. i386.rpm you should use, for
> > example,
> Don't confuse a newbie!  -i is for install, i.e. you just install a
> package.  -U is for upgrade, i.e. you install a package and remove any
> older version.
> I agree, usually you do a -U, but for kernel packages -i is highly
> recommended.
Ok, I'm no expert, but having run linux as my preferred desktop for over 3 
years now, I think I know *something* about linux. :-)
Granted -i is for install and -U is for upgrade. However, I'd say it's better 
to use -U for installing binary packages because it will *always* install 
(barring some sort of dependency or corrupt RPM file, etc) but -i may cause 
delays in installing the RPM, especially if there are older versions you 
don't realize are there.
At least that's MY take on it... YMMV and probably will. :-)

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