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Perl RPM2 bindings

If anyone out there is using the perl RPM2 bindings and wants to help
test a pending new release before it hits CPAN, the URL below contains
RPM2-0.61.  There are only a few user-visible functionality changes,
but there are some pretty big changes to the guts itself that should
make it a little more sane in terms of memory allocation, etc.  This
is hopefully the last set of functionality before work begins on APIs
for installation, removal, and upgrading.


I'm also interested in hearing what people are using the bindings for,
and what features you'd like.  Also, whether or not you're using the
bindings on an RPM 4.0 platform or an RPM 4.[12] platform.  I do most
of the development and work in RPM 4.1, so testing of the above in RPM
4.0 would be especially appreciated.


Chip Turner                   cturner@redhat.com
                              Red Hat, Inc.

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