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Re: What is this spec option?

Circa 2003-03-12 00:32:48 -0800 dixit da_alchemist@yahoo.com:

: I cannot find any documentation about this.  In the
: following, what does the -p do?
: %post mypkg -p /sbin/ldconfig
: %post -p /sbin/ldconfig mypkg

RPM generally comes with a bit of text documentation:

  rpm -qd rpm

It is common to use tools such as 'grep' to search through such
text-based documentation.  For example, the following command on a Red
Hat Linux 6.2 system:

  grep '-A 4' '%post' /usr/doc/rpm-3.0.5/CHANGES

Produces the following significant output:

        - added -p to %post (etc) to specify the program which a script
          is run through
        - if -p is used w/ an empty script, the specified program is
          executed directly 
        - the -p argument (or /bin/sh) is automaticall added as a prereq

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