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Re: Managing multiple simultaneously installed "package instances"

> : if *anything* fails during a software
> : upgrade/installation/downgrade/erasure
> : the database will yield bogus information. but what can you do ?
> : if a package doesn't "completely" erase; its not right to say that
> : it's still there and its not right to say that its gone.
> This could certainly be indicated by having more than two possible
> states in the package database ("on" [listed] or "off" [not listed]).
> In fact, the package database ought to be able to carry state such as:=20
> "installed, but failed during %post", or "installed, but failed during
> erase".  For all i know, maybe RPM already even maintains this sort of
> state in the package database....
This is what I was asking for in the following bugzilla report:


Right now when rpms fail in %post, they get a database entry right along
aside the other entries.  On the other hand at that point you will have
two entries in the database (if this was an upgrade) with the same name,
but differing EVR (the old entry and the new one), so in some cases you can 
figure out that such an event occured, but not in all cases (e.g. kernels,
and if you use rpm installs [not upgrades] for another purpose).


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