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Re: Error recompiling latest 4.1.1 test release on ppc

Matthias Saou <matthias@rpmforge.net> wrote :

> One step further now... let's see if I can now get rpm 4.1.1 to compile!

A few quick minor updates to my situation:
- It built at last, but /usr/src/redhat/* directories weren't installed by
  the build, I haven't looked in detail why though.
- I see you don't use the %find_lang macro in the spec, which is probably
  not by fear of needing a too recent version of rpm, as there is %check.
  Any particular reason?

The binaries I now got seem to have been somehow linked against the librpm
used to build them:

error: failed dependencies:
        librpm-4.0.3.so   is needed by rpm-4.1.1-0.1.7x
        librpmdb-4.0.3.so   is needed by rpm-4.1.1-0.1.7x
        librpmio-4.0.3.so   is needed by rpm-4.1.1-0.1.7x

I'm going to try to more or less get it working and see if I can recompile
4.1.1 against itself. But is this the expected behavior?


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Load : 0.02 0.06 0.16, AC on-line, battery charging: 100% (5:54)

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