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Re: %{echo: features

At 05:52 PM 3/20/03 -0500, Jeff Johnson wrote:
macros were never designed to be useful in spec files, they were
designed to unify specfile/cli/system configuration.

I've been following along on this discussion, and I have a question:
If macros weren't designed for use in spec files, what is the general solution when one needs to do large amounts of substitution in a spec file?

My specific case is that I have a system with a main component and lots of sub-components which I build as sub-rpms. The sub-components are all just about identical except for their %package and %description sections. I wanted to write a macro to generate the rest on the fly, so that I didn't have to maintain a bunch of duplicates. Obviously, rpm macros aren't the answer - is there a generally accepted way to do this? I guess what I need is a pre-process step to generate my spec file - any favorite tools for this job?

Michael Kohne
"Umm...Is that supposed to happen?"

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