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Problem upgrading glibc.

[Upgrading things like glibc make me nervous. :-(]

I downloaded all of the new glibc rpms and said:

rpm -Uvh glibc*

It said Preparing 100%
Then is said glibc-common 100%
Then glibc 100%
Then it said restarting init.

Then it just hung.

I killed it with a -9 and tried to see what I had. It said that I could 
not run the rpm -qa command because of a missing libpthread.so

I then ran rpm -Uvh --force glibc* and it ran through the whole thing but 
it still froze on the end of the last package.

Now if I run 

512 > rpm -qa | grep glibc
513 > rpm -qa | grep glibc

It looks like I have two copies of glibc-devel. 

Am I screwed? Can this be fixed? Does it need to be fixed? Is this Red 
Hat's fault? Should people not upgrade to the new glibc? Am I asking too 
many questions?


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