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Upgrading RPM package from non-RPM source

I have some questions about the capabilities of rpm, but I'll first give an
example to illustrate...

During setup, RedHat 8.0 installs pkgconfig 0.12.0 from the rpm. I need to
upgrade pkgconfig to 0.15.0. There was no rpm available (even if there is
one available now, I'm just using this as an example), so I downloaded the
tarred source file, compiled it and installed it.

OK, now I have 0.12.0 installed from the rpm in /usr, and 0.15.0 installed
from source to /usr/local. Querying rpm says that the current version is
0.12.0 (to be expected). Can I somehow update the rpm db so that it knows
about 0.15.0?

I tried overwriting the 0.12.0 files with the corresponding 0.15.0, but rpm
still reports version 0.12.0. When I try to remove 0.12.0 (rpm -e
pkgconfig), it reports other packages depending on it. If I force the
erase, will it break those other packages, even though I also have 0.15.0
installed separately?


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