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Re: Requires & Provides on -devel packages (Continued)

On Tue, 25 Mar 2003, Stefan van der Eijk wrote:

I'm using a dedicated machine (in a VMware) to do this at the moment. A
normal user performs the rebuilding, so damage to the system should be

When Jeff Garzik was still employed at Mandrakesoft we discussed using a
chroot() environment to build packages. The idea was to install a stripped
system (basesystem + rpm-build + BuildRequires) for every package to be
rebuilt in a chroot environment. In the end we didn't go through with the

Creating a slim clean build environment for each package seems to be overkill (to me). I simply don't have the resources. I have one fat clean
build environment for each distribution.

Building as a user helps you not to pollute your build environment, but for each violation the build is halted. Compare this to rpmbuild telling you only the first file from %files it cannot find ;)

> I'd like to help get this thing inside rpmbuild (and in debugging it
> more). As far as I can see, what rpmbuild needs is easier for collecting
> build requirements, than what I'm doing in Soapbox. But reality bites...

It would be cool if rpmbuild would be able to build in a clean
environment, but do you think this should be mandatory for rpmbuild, or
should such a mode be turned on by an option?

Hmmm, Soapbox is not about creating a clean environment for building.
IMO rpmbuild should never have to write outside its builddir and buildroot. You could use Soapbox to do this.

Before something like this is implemented, the current FUNDEMENTAL
breakage in the dependancies of the -devel packages needs to be resolved.
My experience with finding the right BuildRequires is that due to the fact
that the dependancies for -devel packages are not automatically found it's
difficult (if not impossible) to maintain.

Well, you could use the same techniques (overloading open()) to make a list of all the requirements a build-process has. And list them for inclusion or add them to the source-package automatically.

And that was the original intent of my mail ;)

Kind regards,
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