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Re: Requires & Provides on -devel packages (Continued)

>> Before something like this is implemented, the current FUNDEMENTAL
>> breakage in the dependancies of the -devel packages needs to be
>> resolved. My experience with finding the right BuildRequires is that
>> due to the fact that the dependancies for -devel packages are not
>> automatically found it's difficult (if not impossible) to maintain.
> I see large potential in Dag's method. He is currently using it to
> see/avoid writes outside the buildroot, but it could be used to also
> register all the reads and to deduce the BuildRequires packages from
> that. Possibly one would get too many dependencies, as configure
> sometimes `overchecks' the environment, but it would give the packager a
> maximum set to choose from.

One thing you shouldn't forget is that many files and DIRECTORIES (the
directories are the worst --> rpmlint doesn't bork about them) exist in
multiple files. These packages will show up in the list, eventhough the
file wasn't installed.

This has everything todo with developper discipline.

On a urpmi enabled system this script will lookup all duplicate files &


my %count;
my %packages;
open F, "parsehdlist --files --quiet /var/lib/urpmi/hdlist.* |";
while (<F>) {
/([^:]*):(\S*)/ or next;
$count{$2} = $count{$2} + 1;
$package{$2} = "${1}" . " " . "$package{$2}";

foreach $a (sort keys %count) {
        if ( $count{$a} >= 2 ) {
                print "$a $package{$a}\n";
Off Topic: I don't know perl, but I'd like the script to accept a media
switch (like urpmi) so you can choose which urpmi media you want to check
against. Right now it just takes everything it can find
--> /var/lib/urpmi/hdlist.*

for Mandrake cooker, Mandrake contrib and PLF this adds up to 8670
duplicate files currently.

On Topic:
Is there a way to exclude files from a %files list? Quite some of these
duplicate because for instance the files for the icewm-light theme is also
included in icewm. Would be nice if these files can excluded from a job.

%files -n package1
%{_bindir}/* !%{_binddir}/dont_want_this_here

%files -n package1

to avoid duplication = save ISO space.

with kind regards,

Stefan van der Eijk

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