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Re: scripts and sub packages

--- M M <mmore_4@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Im building my spec file with sub packages. If im
> using a pre/post script 
> for the main package, does the sub packages also
> uses that same script or do 
> I have to specify a pre script for each sub packages
> ? Ideally I would 
> rather not have to repeat this pre/post script for
> each sub packages... 
> Curious if this possible or not. Thanks.

You can define script as macro and use macro multiple
Something like
%define PRE_INSTALL if [ some test]; then some_action;
else another_action; do_more_things

It possible, but because macro is single-line ugly and
hard for debugging.

Another option - play with any preprocessor.

One more option - use %include rpm's directive.


> using rpm version 4.0.4
> MM
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