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RPM-4.1 port to Cygwin available

Hello !

For my final diploma work, I've been working on porting RPM-4.1 onto Cygwin.
The result (because it works quite well, I guess) is available at this address


The full documentation will soon be available (in fact, I have to translate
it into english, as it's been written in french, which is my mothertongue).

If you have any comment, please send me an e-mail at the address mentionned
on the dedicated page... but don't be too nasty, as the aim of this work
is not to port RPM-4.1 to Cygwin, but rather to develop a sort of method
for porting software ;-)

This projet is open, so if anyone want to collaborate, he/she is welcome
! Everything's been GPL'ed by my University, so...

I really hope this whole work will appeal to you !

Yann Crausaz

PS: OK, Cygwin PEOPLE, maybe it's the wrong mailing list... sorry !

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