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RE: up2date 'breaks' RPM dependency database?

Thanks, that did fix my immediate problem.  But, I still have the same issue
that the Red Hat Package Manager was broken by up2date, in that Red Hat
Package Manager can no longer install major package groups.

What's the real fix for this?  Is this a bug?


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Subject: Re: up2date 'breaks' RPM dependency database?

On Tue, 2003-03-25 at 17:02, lemons_terry@emc.com wrote:
> Hi
> Recently, I:
> *	installed Red Hat Linux 8.0
> *	ran Red Hat's 'up2date' facility
> Now, I need to add 'gcc' to this system (I didn't install the 'Development
> Tools' major package group originally).  So, using the Red Hat Package
> Management GUI, I selected the 'Development Tools' major package group,
> clicked 'Update'.  A minute later, a popup window appeared, saying:
> "Packages not found
> The following packages could not be found on your system.  Installation
> cannot continue until they are installed."
> The list of packages includes:
> openssl-0.9.6b-29
> openldap-2.0.25-1
> But, when I use 'rpm -q' to check my system, I find the following
> openssl-0.9.6b-31
> openldap-2.0.27-2.8.0
> Since the versions installed are greater than the versions needed, I would
> have thought the installation could occur.  Does RPM REALLY check for the
> EXACT version needed?
> How can I update RPM's version dependency database by hand, if necessary,
> allow these newer versions?  Is this a good idea?
> A colleague suggested that I edit script files.  But I said, 'Nay, nay, we
> are not savages here.  This is Red Hat Linux'.
> What to do?

up2date gcc

That'll download and install the latest version of gcc available and any
dependencies it might need.

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