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Re: how to rebuild from src.rpm while patching the Makefile

"Robert P. J. Day" <rpjday@mindspring.com> wrote :

>   i want to install the NVIDIA kernel src rpm, then do the normal
> "prep" step, *then* apply some patches to the makefile, *then* 
> complete the build process, so that the NVIDIA modules will work
> with the 2.5 kernel.
>   as i see it, i should
> 1) do a normal install of the src rpm
> 2) wander into /usr/src/redhat/SPECS and do a
>   # rpmbuild -bp NVIDIA.spec
> 3) apply my patches in the apropriate source directory
>   ... and then ... is there a single rpmbuild command to 
> resume the build from there?  or do i do an explicit "make"
> to finish things off?
>   recommendations appreciated.

I'd recommend:

1) Go into SOURCES, unpack the tarball, and duplicate it as <dirname>.orig
2) Edit the files that need to be changed in the unpacked <dirname> tree
3) Execute "diff -Naupr <dirname>.orig <dirname> > <dirname>-blabla.patch"
4) Add a "SourceX: <dirname>-blabla.patch" to the spec file
5) Add the "%patchX -p1 -b .blabla" to the %prep in the spec

Then rebuild at last! :-)


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