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Re: Question/Request: rpm -U like cp -u

On Thu, 27 Mar 2003, Stephen Smoogen wrote:

> On Thu, 27 Mar 2003, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> >Currently, rpm -U fails if any of the file specified is already
> >installed, or a newer version is installed.
> >
> >I would really, *really* like to see an option to rpm which updates
> >packages if and only if they're missing or out of date.
> >
> >rpm -F has the right behaviour for existing files, but does not include
> >missing files.
> >

Peter, you mean packages not files here, right?

> Peter.. I am a bit confused by the request. I think I have it in my head 
> but it could be allergies. If XYZ rpm is installed and in the database, 
> but has a newer version.. do you want the files that are missing put 
> back in or the whole item overwritten with the older version. 
>  Package A-1.2-1 contains
>    /etc/foo/a
>    /etc/foo/b
>    /bin/fofofo
>  Package A-1.2-2 contains
>    /etc/foo/a
>    /bin/fofofo
>    /sbin/fofofo-suid
> and you want rpm -U --special A-1.2-1 to just put /etc/foo/b on the box, 
> or overwrite all the entries and keep /sbin/fofofo-suid ?

I think what he wants is (assuming A-1.2-1 is already installed):

rpm -U A-1.2-1 B-xxx

fails (same if A's version would be even newer).  It would be nice if
instead rpm would remove this package from the list and effectively do an

rpm -U B-xxx



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