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building a kernel rpm


[ I asked this question on redhat-devel and got no answer. I hope this is
a better place]

I have a redhat 7.3 system. It has a P4 processor, and it seems that the
default kernel performs really bad with it, so a kernel compilation
seems to be required. However I have a principle of keeping my system
only of RPMs. So I decided that this is a time to figure out how to
build a decent kernel rpm.

I looked at the kernel package and it has a frightening amount of
scripts. I could not figure out what it does. I tried various
command-line parameters, but to no avail.


1. minimal modifications to the .src package. It would be quite nice if
   there were none at all. I'm just getting ready for the next time I'll
   fill an urge to change a kernel, and will like to try a different RH
   kernel package.

2. Kernel optimised for my CPU

3. my own .config file (where exactly do I put it?)

4. build just one kernel. Maybe a .src and -doc package, but I only need 
   one kernel image package, and I don't want to waste CPU time and disk
   space on anything else.

How can I build a kernel package from source?

Tzafrir Cohen                       +---------------------------+
http://www.technion.ac.il/~tzafrir/ |vim is a mutt's best friend|
mailto:tzafrir@technion.ac.il       +---------------------------+

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