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Re: Where a newly-built rpm resides?

Jeff Johnson wrote:
On Sat, Mar 29, 2003 at 12:21:30PM -0600, Mark Hatle wrote:

Ok.. side question here.. I see that --eval works for the "standard" RPM command, but of course that doesn't take in to effect anything selected when "--target=..." is used. Is there a similar --eval method for rpmbuild? (I tried it locally and it didn't work.)

WORKSFORME, rpm-4.1 and later.

Your right.. I read the "rpmb: no spec files given for build" part and didn't look above it.

HOWEVER, it does not honor the --target= bit for the evaluated expression. I'm guessing it evaluates the --target after --eval.. :( (I had to do this already for showrc)

But I'd guess w/ 5 minutes of time I could get a quick patch for that behavior. It might be a bit trickier though since the eval doesn't stop the system from attempting to "build". Or is that a bug?

(BTW I really wish I had known --eval existed a bit ago.. I'm doing a bunch of magic via --showrc and grep...)

Sorry, --define (now --D too) and --eval (now -E too) been there for years.

Ya but this is what I get for never noticing --eval before.. :|


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