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mystery on kdebase-3.0.3-0.7.2.src.rpm from redhat updates

I have on my RH 7.3 (maintained) system most devel packages, as well as compat versions of qt. I have rpm qt-3.0.5-7.14, and ldconfig -p finds libqt.so.3.0 and libqt.so.3 as links to /usr/lib/qt-3.0.5/lib/libqt.so.3.0.5; similar is true for libqt-mt.so.3.0 and libqt-mt-so.3 (this machine is SMP x86, threading is heavily supported in terms of both development and applications being selected to use threads; devel versions of all related packages are also installed).

After extracting kdebase with rpm2cpio, I cannot manually find any ./configure option that autoconf actually uses and does not ignore, it always claims there is no qt-mt >= 3.0.3. The same is true from rpm --rebuild, even with --nodeps. My system has autoconf-2.13-17 and autoconf253-2.53-3 installed, the default sym links *were* at the 2.13-17 version, but then I deleted the old sym links and put in new ones to point at the 2.53 versions...it still fails, even with --nodeps, falsely claiming that qt-mt >= 3.0.3 does not exist on my system, even when I tell it exactly where to find it.

What am I missing, and why can't kdebase-3.0.3-0.7.2.src.rpm from updates.redhat.com not find my qt-mt (which is world readable)?

My end goal is to create a debug version of konqueror that runs in a /usr/local/kde/ directory, and not replace my entire KDE with debug version.

D. Stimits, stimits AT attbi DOT com

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