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Re: building a kernel rpm

On Sat, Mar 29, 2003 at 09:14:11PM -0500, Rechenberg, Andrew wrote:
> All newer vanilla kernels have a 'make rpm' option in the Makefile.  I
> just found this option a few months ago.  This make option creates both
> a binary RPM and an SRPM, but not a kernel-source RPM like Red Hat's.
> I use this option to make my custom kernels and it works quite nicely.
> A couple of caveats - the RPM doesn't create an initrd if your system
> needs one and I don't believe that it adds the proper lines to your
> bootloader (GRUB/LILO).  If you want you can run 'make rpm' after you do
> a make menuconfig and then break it (CTRL-C) soon after it starts
> tarring up the source and then edit the spec file to have the RPM
> perform these operations post-install.  

Sounds bad. Better patch the place that creates the spec file
beforehand, right?

> You'll also have to edit the
> Makefile to make sure that you're spec file doesn't get overwritten when
> you run 'make rpm' again.  
> I just remember to run mkinitrd and hand edit my grub.conf after I
> install my kernel RPM and all is well.

What about dependencies? Does this package provide proper capabilities
and has proper requirements?

Anyway, since the redhat rpm seems hostile to any modifications, this 
seems like the way to go.

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