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unpacked files with rpmbuild 4.1

I've researched and dug and know all about the new default of "unpacked files" halting builds. I like that functionality of where it checks all the files and sees if there are any that aren't accounted for.

However there are certian files (such as %{_infodir}/dir ) that should not be part of the rpm's list of owned files. However there are %post & %postun sections which add the combination of this new RPMs data into the "dir" file.

So putting as I've seen discussed "rm -f %{_infodir}/dir" into the %install section doesn't quite cut it.
This is simply because the %post scriptlet is run during the rpmbuild -ba file.spec process. And with current defaults the build fails because dir exists.

I can't put it into %post because then we have failure after the rpm is installed onto a destination location.

So ideally a %ignoremefile parameter/macro would be best which the check_names says.. Welp. you have it listed at least so I am assuming you know what your doing with that file so I'll let the build finish since you don't have any other files/directories unaccounted for.

Is there something out there that does that, which I missed somewhere?


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