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Re: Use of rpm with Redhat Enterprise ES 2.1

kandresen@gmx.net ("Kenneth Andresen") writes:

> We recently upgraded our server from Redhat 6.2 to Redhat Enterprise ES 2.1,
> and wonder wether we can install rpm's for Redhat 7/8/9 for it. 
> The current program we would like to install is ProFTPD, however we would
> like some general guidelines as well.

RH ES 2.1 is similar to 7.2 so 7.2 binary RPMS should install straight
on to ES 2.1. If they don't or you want to be double sure just
download the source rpm and rebuild it locally.  This rebuilt version
will almost certainly work.

Later binary rpms may have different binary dependencies and source
rpms may also require some 7.2/2.1 specific
"features/packages/versions", but often will also work if rebuilt on
the 2.1 machine.

Not sure the specific case o ProFTD, but I'm sure it's likely to
follow the observations above.


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