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Re: PDR -- Package development repostory to replace SRPM's?

Wanderlei Antonio Cavassin wrote:

Hello jbj,

A package repository is really a Good Thing. We are using
a repository system based on subversion for a year now. Subversion has many advantages over cvs, as cheap copies
and better handling of binary files (see subversion site
for all of them). Besides subversion, we have a python
package called repsys, that does all the interaction with

See https://moin.conectiva.com.br/RepositorySystem
for more information.

Yes, very well known, I've been taling to Gustavo privately.

For my purposes, KISS was the goal, and no matter what, cvs is far more widely
used and understood then subversion at the moment.

Then there's cvsup, which is KISS in the sense of being widely used and
understood with FreeBSD even if not linux.

Reversion to rsync if/when necessary. The ability to clone repositories locally
is also important. Unfortunately, the ability to distribute changes on the vendor
branch for merging with local modifications will be lost if cvsup cannot be used.

I know of no other way right now to preserve local modifications while updating
a repository. Well, there's bitkeeper, but let's not go there until necessary.

And credit to PLD (my favorite distro) for putting spec files in public CVS years ago ;-)


73 de Jeff

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