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how to rebuild a binary RPM starting at a certain step?

  much to my chagrin, fedora 0.94 has managed to break pine by
not including the proper kerberos-related library, so i'm reduced to 
rebuilding a pine binary rpm from the source rpm, while removing the
offending dependency (since i can live without kerberos).

  given the source RPM, what i did was:

$ rpm -ivh pine.src.rpm

then change to my local RPM building directory and

$ rpmbuild -bp pine.spec

this fails with a not surprising krb5-related error, which tells me that,
if i don't want kerberos functionality, to remove the "krb5" directory
and type "./build lnp".  ok, so i pop over to the pine BUILD directory
and do just that.  that "build" command completes, after which i assume
that i've completed the equivalent of the "prep" stage, right?

  now, i have to resume building without re-running the prep stage.
easy enough, i think, with 

$ rpmbuild -bc --short-circuit pine.spec
$ rpmbuild -bi --short-circuit pine.spec

  at this point, i'd naturally like to 

$ rpmbuild -bb --short-circuit pine.spec

  but AFAICT, i can't "short circuit" to the stage to just rebuild the
binary RPM.

  more to the point, this whole "short-circuit" idea seems badly
designed since, as i read it, once i resort to it, i can only do a single
stage at a time.  what i really want is to be able to say "short circuit,
starting at '-bc' and keep going."  but i don't see that that's possible.

  am i making this overly difficult?  is there an easy way to do this
that i'm just missing?  and is there no way to say something like,
"build me a binary RPM, but skip the prep step and take it from the 
compile step and keep going."


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