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Re: PDR -- Package development repostory to replace SRPM's?

Carlos Villegas wrote:

On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 05:38:46PM -0400, Jeff Johnson wrote:

I know of no other way right now to preserve local modifications while updating
a repository. Well, there's bitkeeper, but let's not go there until necessary.

I'd like to suggest arch (better yet, really recommend it)
it's far supperior to cvs and subversion (I've used both), don't know about bitkeeper, but arch is really impressive, and it allows for
very distributed development:


Alas, I've not had time to look at each and every source code control system. I do
not mean to exclude any, my private agenda is to establish a better paradigm for
packaging, other then *.src.rpm's, not to advocate cvs in preference to any
particular source code control system.

73 de Jeff

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