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--repackage error?

I'm hoping to use --repackage to allow rollback of our product. I had no problems with using that option during development and initial testing, but a corrupt RPM was generated on the first use in the QA lab (of course!)

When reinstalling the error message is:
warning: Expected size: 43696763 = lead(96)+sigs(180)+pad(4)+data(43696483)
warning: Actual size: 43697108
approuter ####################error: unpacking of archive
failed on file /usr/local/spam/eggs;3f823a90: cpio: MD5 sum mismatch

from a command line of:
rpm  -Uvh --force --nomd5 --nodigest --noscripts {packages}
command exit code was 6

As near as I can tell, the repackaged rpm got generated with the correct md5 digest for 'eggs', but the actual file is corrupted (different length). I can do a "rpm2cpio {package} | cpio -id */eggs" and get no error messages, but the extracted file is, indeed, bad.

- I haven't seen this behavior reported on the list. Is it common?

- Since this corruption apparently happened at --repackage time, is there a way to verify integrity before erasing?

- I'm currently checking out rpmrebuild -- does anyone have serious flight time with this package?


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