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Re: --repackage error?

Hal Wine wrote:

Jeff Johnson wrote:

Hal Wine wrote:

failed on file /usr/local/spam/eggs;3f823a90: cpio: MD5 sum mismatch

Hehe, are you really selling something with /usr/local/spam/eggs?

No, and it doesn't even have Python code in it :)

- I haven't seen this behavior reported on the list. Is it common?

Nope, not common, but almost certainly a packaging problem. If you put a pointer to the original package
into bugzilla, I will try to reproduce.

Err, no can do. I'm going to get my hands on the test system, and will see if I can get something reproducable, then sanitize it.

Well, be that way then ;-)

Look at rpm -Uvv --repackage output, most everything that rpm does has a debug message.

- Since this corruption apparently happened at --repackage time, is there a way to verify integrity before erasing?

rpm -V pkg

Ahh, are you implying that the md5 value comes from the ORIGINAL installation package (i.e. the value in the rpmdb), and the file comes from the file system?

Yup. That's hwy repackaged packages are not really packages. Any change to files will
force the use of --nomd5s (or --nosignature --nodigest in rpm-4.1 and later).

THAT gives me a (slightly) more explainable case, and way to work around it.

Thanks for the quick response. I realized I forgot to mention this is rpm-4.0.4-7x.20 (AS 2.1).

Upgrade to rpm-4.1.1 recommended, rpm-4.2 if you are willing to rebuild without --enable-posixmutexes.

You will need librpm404-4.0.5 package to keep the "other stuff" that uses rpmlib blissfully clueless.

73 de Jeff

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