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Re: how are "groups" implemented?

On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 07:58, David Eduardo Gomez Noguera wrote:

> Yes, you can create any group. Its all defined on the .spec file for the
> creation of the rpm.
> And I think you can do this
> strings  /var/lib/rpm/Group|grep -v root|less
> to get a list of all instaled groups. Though its very crude methode.
> You could also do 
> rpm -qai|grep -E "Group[[:space:]]:"
> but that would be a very log list with unnecessary and repeated
> information.
> Somebody will come with a more sophisticated way.

How about this ?

rpm -qa --queryformat '%{GROUP}\n'|sort|uniq -c |sort -rn

That will list all the groups used by installed RPMs, list the number of
occurrences of each, and then sort by the number.  May take a moment or
two to runn.

The "rpm --querytags" command will list the available tags for use in
--queryformat.  Queryformats are very handy for this type of thing.


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