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Re: Erase file of another package

Hi Carlos (and other so...),

Le Vendredi 24 Octobre 2003 16:46, Carlos Villegas a écrit :

> I have one suggestion, but I hoped someone had a better one:

You solution make me start to solve my problem.

> - On the real package, require the doc package

Unfortunately, I can't choose this solution because the doc is only in french 
for the moment, and the software is french and english. So, I say that the 
doc package require the software package.

> - The doc package has:
> 	 - a file called software-manuel.doc.html
>          - a %post script that creates a link from the desired file to
> 		the real file (software-manuel.doc.html)
> 	 - a %preun script to delete that symlink if it points to
> 		that file
> - The other package:
> 	- a file called software-manuel.sw.html
> 	- a %post script that removes the link and creates it instead
> 		to the other file (software-manuel.sw.html)
> 	- a %preun script that removes the link unconditionally
> I might be missing something else, but I think that should do it (or at
> least is along the general line of how I would do it).

Because I made a couple dusty packages (option --force needed to install the 
doc package to overwrite the software-manuel.html), I need to make now 
sophisticated scripts to manage all possibilities : first install or update 
of software and/or documentation.
So, I have few questions :
+ is it possible to make an rpm query ans test its result in %post, %preun and 
%postun ?
+ how is managed an update process ? erase the previous version and install 
the newer, or overwrite files ? I can't find literature about that, so if 
someboby have some web links ....
+ just before executing the %postun script, are the files of the package 
already erased ?

Thanks for answers, and thanks to you Carlos who show me the track.

And sorry for my english :-)

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