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100% reproducible "freeze"(?) bug in RPM 4.2.1-0.30, 4.2.1-4.2

(Sorry about all the crossposting, but with the Fedora Core 1 release so
close, I figure I should take the chance...)


It's bug 108456 is bugzilla. Basically, RPM seems to be misinterpreting
an HTML document with a .rpm extension as a list of files (packages to
install?). Moreover, when it encounters a package name (if you will) that
starts with a dash, it tries to read data in from stdin. Of course, the
user isn't typing anything in -- (s)he's just waiting for RPM to finish
its business...

I think I've made about as much progress today as I'm going to make; I
highly doubt I'll be able to have any kind of patch developed today. I'm
posting about this bug in case anyone else wants to take a look at this
and possibly develop a patch.

-Barry K. Nathan <barryn@pobox.com>

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