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Re: User Installable Software FHS

On Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 06:23:21PM -0700, Michael A. Peters wrote:
> New to list, I'm sure this topic has been discussed before.
> I've put together a small article discussing the issue of standard
> users being able to install software on the system that is available
> for all users, without having to be root to do so.
> This I think is critical for acceptance of LOTD but also has benefits
> in other areas too.
> The article is at http://mpeters.us/linux/software.php
> I am seeking comments on it.

This kind of things always gets me thinking of per-process namespaces
like, I am led to believe, there are in plan9, Inferno and Hurd systems.

Some more OS organization that would lead to more resources being
available as files would probably be needed for many things. And instead
of using separate scattered filesystem trees, each user (process) would
just "see" (have access to, be able to probe/browse) a different view of
the host.

It might also be possible to do some of this by using something like
union mount or supermount or whatever that missing copy on write layered
filesystem is called and letting each user have a whole "layer" to
themselves. Or perhaps even a whole user mode Linux kernel.

If xawtv dumps core, you can fix this with "ulimit -c 0".

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