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Re: Epochs in filenames

On Mon, Aug 09, 2004 at 05:48:42PM +0200, Mariusz Mazur wrote:

> Was there a reason why epoch (which is the most important part of the whole 
> version tag) was never included in rpm file names?

Because epoch was added later?
Because this would look confusing?

The RPM header is leading, the filename is just a visual help for humans.

> And while I'm at it - can you think of any bad side-effects of using epoch to 
> differentate between major versions of a linux distro? I can't stop thinking 

It's just not meant for that and it would be an abuse of the epoch feature.

> that it's a bad idea, but can't think of a reason why (it would make 
> upgrading from version to version of a distro a lot easier).

I really don't see why that would make upgrading easier.

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