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Re: Problems using rpm on Slackware

you can try:

rpm2cpio rpmfilename.rpm|cpio -ivd

make sure you do this in a temp directory.

James S. Martin, RHCE
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rpm-list-bounces@redhat.com wrote on 06/14/2004 06:07:38 PM:

> Hi,
> I am using Slackware Linux and need to install a rpm package -- there 
> no tar.gz or tgz packages out there for the application I need.
> The problem is that running
>    rpm -i --test <file>
> produces a long list of "failed dependencies" concerning basic software
> packages that are (of course!) installed and running on my computer.
> Also, trying to convert the rpm package into a tgz package with rpm2tgz
> produces a nearly empty (142 k) file from a very big (>3MB) rpm package.
> Can anyone help with some advice?
> Adrian.
> k
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