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Re: how to "rembuild --rebuild" a source rpm in the current directory?

On Monday, 08 March 2004, at 11:42:23 (-0500),
Robert P. J. Day wrote:

> oooh ... cool.  and does it work with cross-compilers as well?  yup,
> that's the final step that i never mentioned -- i want to use, not
> rpmbuild, but a customized rpmbuild and cross-compiler utilities.
> but i'll check this out, it may play nicely with the cross-compiler
> tools, anyway.  thanks.

I've never tried using it with a cross-compiler, so I can't say for
certain.  But it does provide an easy way to build inside a chroot
jail (even as a non-root user), and it also inserts /usr/build/bin at
the front of its $PATH, a feature I've used to wrap gcc in distcc
and/or ccache.  A similar technique could easily be used to drive a


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