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Re: How can i enter value during rpm -i and use them during the postinstall process?

On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 08:14:34AM -0800, Baz wrote:
> 1. How can one install a rpm package and would like to change and set some
> values such as "servername"? Only by prompting users during postinstall
> process? Please enlight me in details. I am surprised that there are nobody
> doing it in rpm...

No, you can't prompt during the postinstall. Preconfigure the package with a
sensible default for the intended platform. If that's not good enough,
either prompt for the correct info the first time the program is run (if
it's an interactive app) or else simply don't start until properly
configured (if it's a server).

> 2. If so, then is there a way to do it silently just like what I have
> described? One command with additional strings and pass those strings into
> the postinstall process? e.g. "rpm -i software_a.rpm STRING1 STRING2"???
> 3. Can this: "rpm -i software_a.rpm STRING1 STRING2" be done?

Errr... is the plan here to repeat yourself until someone tells you what you
want to hear? How would yum or apt or anaconda know what packages need what
strings passed? If you're installing multiple packages, how would rpm know
which STRING goes with what package -- or that STRING isn't a package name

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