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Re: Using rpm as installer

Hi James

Thanks for your reply.. yes rpmbuild is working..:)

Now trying to create my special SPEC file I have done it as noarch and I
have removed all, build, prep, install and clean sections and have only
%file..Now I have following questions.

1 - When binary .rpm file id created.. does it contains all the files
defined in %file section?

2 - %file lists the files to be packaged

3 - I assume I don't need to have %install to install files as %file section
does the installation process.

4 - How do I define the directories in which the packaged files have to be
installed... in the target machine..

I need to know this very urgently and I will appreciate your quick response

Best Regards


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> On Tue, 23 Mar 2004, AliN wrote:
> > Thanks James..
> >
> > Yes We need to use rpm for version checking and upgrading the software
> > the client machine.
> > We want to make sure that every time the software is upgraded those
> > configuration file with important data are not overwritten...
> > Just to send .rpm file with zipped executable and config files to the
> > client, so the client can install it safely without worrying about
> > mistake...
> > Anyway this my may manager's idea ...:)
> >
> > One important question I have is about building the .rpm file..
> > RPM documents tell me that the command for building is
> >
> > e.g. rpm -ba myfile.spec
> >
> Use rpmbuild instead of rpm.
> Cheers...james
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