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Re: Replacing specific files in a new version using upgrade

On Dec 20, 2005, at 5:19 AM, Lakshmi V wrote:

Hi all
I saw in the mailing list that it is not possible to do patch management (i.e. replace only specific files in the installed product). but let us say I have installed product A of version 0.1 and now I saw that some files are erraneous and I have to replace them in version 0.2. Now I cannot use -ivh <> --replacefiles because, it installs the products and just replaces the files that was originally installed. The advantage here is that my new version can have only the files that I wanted to change, but managing the upgrade and uninstall is messy later. So it seems that I have to use -Uvh but this requires that my new version rpm should also have all the files of the original rpm otherwise it just removes it. Is there any way that I can upgrade the product with the new version and package this new version'ed rpm with my necessary files alone and install it without uninstalling the previously installed ones ?

Nope, there isn't a way.

rpm is a package manager, installs/manages files from packages, does not install/manage files not in installed packages.

73 de Jeff

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