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Re: AutoReqProv

In my understanding, autoreqprov do not know what you will do in %post scripts. If you know the %post scripts depends on something, maybe you need to add in PreReq list manually. If you run the just-installed program in %post, copy the generated Requires list to PreReq. Correct me if I am wrong.


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Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2005 7:54 AM
Subject: AutoReqProv

Hi All -

I've got a an elf exe, 'mysql', which links to libncurses.so.
libncurses.so links to libgpm.so. Now the mysql package %post script
actually invokes 'mysql', so I've added 'Requires(post): ncurses' to the
mysql package.

This is enough to insure that ncurses is installed before mysql,
but not enough to insure that the gpm package (which contains libgpm.so)
is installed before ncurses. So the 'mysql' call in the mysql package
post-script fails, unable to resolve the libgpm reference.

I can think of many ways to work around this but it seems like a
flaw. AutoReqProv detects that libncurses.so needs libgpm.so, but the
specific require-time (post) does not seem to be carried through the
dependency tree.



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