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Re: Chosing target OS from AIX

Mark Hatle wrote:
> --target=<arch>-<os>
> Works fine on RPM 4.3.x for me.  The key is that the values won't show 
> up in a --showrc or --eval as they don't appear to be evaluated before 
> that --showrc or --eval is executed.  (This is from memory, so I may be 
> wrong.)
> But I regularly create linux-os packages on Solaris.

Ah, yes, I probably misunderstood the original poster's question
because of my own bias about what *I* want.  I want to build a
'noarch' and 'noos' rpm that can be installed on different operating
systems from the same rpm package.  It contains only architecture and
operating system independent data.  So it would seem reasonable to be
able to install that same file on multiple different platforms.  But
this does not work that I can tell.  This is the part that *I* was
complaining about.

Yes, I can create a specific rpm that installs on one specific operating
system too.  You are probably right and looking at the original
message I think that is the capability they were asking about.  Thanks
for clarifying that point.


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