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Re: Creating a dummy RPM

On Fri, Apr 07, 2006 at 02:22:18PM -0700, James Colannino wrote:
> Hi everyone.  I've been googling around, but haven't found a good answer 
> to this problem yet.  I'm looking to create a dummy RPM whose purpose on 
> the system is really nothing more than to be installed and to show up in 
> RPM queries (I don't want it to actually install any files.)
> How exactly should I go about this?  I've played around with creating a 
> spec file, but so far I haven't gotten anything to work.  Thanks :)

A dummy rpm is just an rpm without any files.

--- BEGIN SPEC ---
Summary:        dummy package
Name:	        dummy
Version:	1
Release:	0
License:	Dummy License
Packager:	Luciano Rocha <luciano eurotux com>
Vendor:		Dummies Incorporated
Group:		Networking/Daemons
URL:		http://www.dontbeadummy.org/
Requires:	python perl ruby
BuildArch:	noarch

This is a dummy package.


* Wed Aug 24 2005 Luciano Rocha <luciano eurotux com> 0
- dummy
--- END SPEC ---

Save the previous lines and create the binary package with:
rpmbuild -bb spec


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