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Re: Please help: strange rpm upgrade problem:

On Aug 2, 2006, at 7:53 PM, Robinson Tiemuqinke wrote:


 I'm still running 64bit FC4 on a few x86_64 platform
boxes, and trying to upgrade valgrind to 3.2.0 from
the fedora development tree.

 the valgrind builds without problems but fails the
command "rpm -Uvh --test
with the following error messages:

error: Failed dependencies:
        valgrind = 1:2.4.0 is needed by (installed)

I've changed the line "Obsoletes: valgrind-callgrind"
to "Obsoletes: valgrind-callgrind.i386" in
valgrind.spec file and recompiled the package but
still no luck.

Nope, not gonna work.

 The existing valgrind and valgrind-callgrind are both
.386 packages while the new valgrind 3.2.0 version is
compiled as a x86_64 package.

On 64bit FC4 O/S can x86_64 packages replace and
obsolete related i386 packages? if spcified with
"Obsoletes" instructions in .spec file?

Nope, there's no secret incantation to upgrade valgrind.i386 with valgrind.x86_64.

Multilib is *supposed* to work as follows:
	1) elf32/elf64 libraries are on different paths.
2) elf32/elf64 executables should have equivalent functionality and be interchangeable.
	3) all other files are either identical or dealt with case by case.

Those multilib assumptions fail miserably for the class of programs like valgrind that are intrinsically
elf32 or elf64 specific functionality.

So your easiest fix is to rename "valgrind" to, say, "valgrind- x86_64", and insure
that no paths collide with the i386 valgrind package files.


73 de Jeff

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